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Crimes in the field of financial and economic activities
Crimes in taxation matters
Crimes in the sphere of violation of property rights
Crimes in the field of official and professional activities
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A criminal lawyer will professionally represent the client's interests at all stages of the criminal process. Also, the attorney organises and carries out legal support, protection of both individuals and legal entities in cases of crimes and criminal offenses of various categories, including officials, economic, property disputes, against property, against public order, personality, with the use of violence.
Successful practice, professional knowledge, and skills form the basis for the development of the most effective defenсe strategy in the field of criminal law application, at the stage of pre-trial investigation and in the court.
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and for the services rendered prices are fair for the quality of the work performed.
Consultations, effective qualified assistance, and professional protection services
for citizens and officials from illegal or unfounded accusations, restriction of their rights and freedoms, illegal pressure from the investigation, wrongful conviction, during arrest and detention, a search of residential and office premises, seizure of documents, money, property, and much more.
Besides, there is considerable experience in protecting the rights of victims in criminal cases. In particular, a lawyer will help prevent the inaction of law enforcement agencies, refuse to open criminal proceedings, provide qualified assistance in the restoration of violated rights, and compensation for damage caused by a crime.
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The lawyer will thoroughly and carefully study the available case materials, evidence, collect additional ones necessary to argue the client's legal position, develop the legal position of the victim, suspect, accused, convict, apply all the actions provided for by law that are necessary for the successful protection of the client's rights and legitimate interests in order to warn him from wrong steps and ensure a successful outcome of the case.
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